“Fresh Post” is located in Kaunas, the West is also ripe for fast healthy food

“Fresh Post” is located in Kaunas, the West is also ripe for fast healthy food

Fresh Post, the third salad and green cocktail bar in Lithuania, opened its doors in the Kaunas business center “Magnum”, undaunted by the quarantine. Implementing the idea “And fast food can be healthy”, it offers a choice of 19 fresh salads and 8 green cocktails, just like the two bars operating in Vilnius business centers. Orders are also accepted here for delivery to work or home.

In Kaunas, the business center “Magnum” was chosen after finding out the number of people working here, the flow of potential visitors on Gedimina Ave. Inga Tribuišienė, the founder of “Fresh Post”, says that four years ago, when she was just starting the business, she predicted that the customers of the fresh post bar would most often be office workers in suits: constantly busy, in a hurry, curious, seeking innovations, and recently more and more often – and following a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh Post is a continuation of the idea

The impulse for the idea was also given 26 years ago. started a family business – the production of ionized water devices and the alkaline water produced by them is offered for a healthy lifestyle. According to I. Tribušienė, the benefits of alkaline water are clearly demonstrated in bars: more than one diner is surprised by the particularly crisp, pleasant-tasting salad. Alkaline water is used to wash the products served in the bar, and every visitor can pour it into the drinker for free at the alkaline water stations here.

During the development of the philosophy of healthy food, not only the interior of the bars was created, but also the original packaging made of natural recyclable materials. The salad packaging, which unfolds like a flower-plate, has received a design award. Now, on behalf of Fresh Post, the designers are creating a juice glass, sauces and takeaway packaging to create a cohesive whole and be environmentally friendly.

“For our customers, not only fresh and healthy food is important, but also its aesthetic presentation and packaging,” says the founder of Fresh Post. – When drawing a portrait of a typical customer of our bars, I could say that he is educated, understands and appreciates the quality of food, and is always concerned about his health. And, of course, always in a hurry. By the way, in the bar of the business center “Vilniaus vartai” the students of the neighboring school became regular diners, who also liked the green cocktails. It is obvious that there is a growing generation that cares about nutrition and health and the environment. Therefore, there will even be codes on our packaging that, after scanning, the customer will be able to see what materials it is made of, where, for example, the tree was grown to produce the packaging, how the packaging will be recycled.”

Four years of experience

According to I. Tribušienė, during the four-year history of “Fresh Post” it is certain that the concept has worked, although we are constantly looking for things that can be improved. According to her, the kitchen has received the most innovations in the Kaunas bar, because the salad is made only when ordered, so all processes, actions, steps of the employees must be planned down to the second and millimeter, so that the employees rotate as rationally as possible, and the order is made quickly, which is what you expect when you come here office workers in a hurry.

Fresh Post’s menu has changed little in four years, with a few salad changes at the request of customers. And the base remains stable, with Caesar, chicken and bacon, salmon and pasta, and salad with shrimp or beef at the top of the order. Green smoothies are becoming more popular.

“However, we are constantly improving the taste characteristics of the salad, creating spices, and looking for original solutions with several well-known chefs, so that the salad is served as fresh and healthy as possible,” says the founder of Fresh Post.

New circumstances created new challenges. When creating the business, I. Tribušienė did not plan that orders for homes and offices would grow so rapidly. They especially increased during the quarantine. Vilnius bars at that time have about 50% of the orders that were under “normal” conditions. “This is understandable, because not everyone can have so many different ingredients for a fresh salad at home, and from us you can order different and always the freshest ones for every working day,” says the founder of Fresh Post.

The losses are serious, but there is no lack of optimism

“The biggest losses due to the quarantine are not even the ban on visiting bars for customers, but the loss of large orders, when large or small companies ordered salads to their offices every week for colleagues to sit down together, for informal communication. The flourishing tradition of “burgedieniei” unfortunately came to a halt when there were no employees left in the offices, – states I. Tribušienė. “Another serious loss is the cancellation of conferences and other events, the participants of which we were invited to feed.”

However , the founder of Fresh Post, who does not lose her optimism , also offers solutions in this difficult situation: “We, the business of the country, can help each other even these days. For example, business managers could give their employees checks from establishments like ours during the holidays, so that employees can eat healthy and at the same time help catering establishments survive.”

Optimism is also provided by future plans

“When we opened the bar in Kaunas, we were pleasantly surprised by the greetings we received from Germany on that occasion. There are entrepreneurs out there who were interested in our success long before the quarantine and are planning to buy a Fresh Post franchise. The fact that we opened a bar at the height of the quarantine shows that our business idea has great potential, as the impressed Germans also stated. After all the quarantines, we will continue the negotiations with them regarding the franchise. By the way, it is already being negotiated with representatives of several other countries,” I. Tribušienė shares about business plans under “normal life” conditions.

Article from: www.vz.lt