Caring for your employee nutrition was never that easy!

We call ourselves healthy fast food culture pioneers in Lithuania! Salad and fruit cocktails – it’s an opportunity to eat a balanced, healthy and fillfull diet, even if you are a busy fast paced city person. Atleast one cocktail or salad portion a day is a guaranteed vitamin and mineral set up for your whole day! Our business customers have started journey of their teams to better well being!

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Caring for your employee nutrition was never that easy! +370 686 49 955
Grab your benefits

Grab your benefits

To provide a great experience to our customers we created a platform that allows quickly and easily create healthy, balanced and very delicious experiences for your colleagues.

Common team orders

Your business administrator can plan ahead for common team order, with a few clicks every colleague will receive an invitation to add salads and drinks of their choice to the order, once everybody is onboard - order, and we will deliver to your office!

Motivational initiatives

Allocate credits to your employees for good performance and they will be able to exhaust them for healthy and delicious meals!


Business clients have additional discounts and a special system to support healthy lifestyles.


Become a client

Become a client