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Salad and fruit cocktails – it’s an opportunity to eat balanced, healthy and fillfull diet, even if you are a busy fast paced city person. Atleast one cocktail or salad portion a day is a guaranteed vitamin and mineral set up for your whole day!

Recipes by professional CHEF’S HANDS

Kitchen’s shef Artūras Samavičius not only offers well knowned salad, but olso completely new, extravagant, restaurant like salad combinations and unpredictable salad seasoning. Menu is very wide and different, so everybody will find a healthy choice for his or her lunch.

Caring for your employee nutrition was never that easy!

Our business customers have started journey of their teams to better well being!

We are proud of our sustainable packaging

New packaging: Same design - Better materials.

Our uniqueness – Ionized water

Vegetable’s and fruit’s are processed with ionized charming water, which helps to wash them better than standard water. Green cocktails are mixed with ionized charming water, and it helps to better soak up all the good nutrition material’s to your organism, it also gives a completely different cocktail taste.

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